Tenenbaum & Solomon
– Will Questions

    Part I. Family Information

    Children Prior

    Please provide us with the names and home addresses of the directors. By default, we use these as both the incorporating directors and the first directors of the corporations. Although these do not have to be the same people, normally they are. If you wish to have different incorporating and first directors, please advise.

    Part II. General

    Do you have your own financial planner investment adviser, account ant or life insurance agent?

    Part III. Assets

    Boats / Cars

    Real Estate

    Bank account

    Safety deposit box

    Life insurance

    RRSPs, RRIFs, pensions and annuities

    Part IV. Liabilities

    Mortgages payable by you

    Other debts

    Part V. Summary

    Part VI. Will Instructions

    Do you have your own financial planner. investment adviser, account¬ant or life insurance agent?

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