On Site

Edward Friedman 905-940-4033. Eddie is an experienced and personable chartered accountant.

Stephen Ding 647-893-5876 . Stephen is a licensed paralegal serving the english and mandarin speaking community.

Allied Consulting Adeline is an experienced immigration consultant serving the mandarin speaking community.

Tom Brothers 905-415-1115 a mid sized mortgage brokerage with many mandarin and foreign speaking agents.

Off Site

You thought you needed a lawyer but what you really need is:

A realtor

A mortgage broker

A marriage counsellor

A shrink

A bankruptcy trustee

A shelter and an escape plan from an abuser

A support group

A vacation instead of a legal bill

A legal aid certificate instead of a legal bill

A lawyer (but not us)

Nothing at all

Life experience and many years serving a wide variety of clients count for something. We will know who the best referral is for your individual situation. We do not offer or receive any financial compensation from referrals. We simply want to help.

Please feel free to contact us should you require a referral.

Tenenbaum & Solomon