Independent Legal Advice or ‘ILA’ is a process where a person obtains legal advice from a solicitor who is not connected to, or in a position to benefit from, the individual transaction. When it comes to ILA, our role, at the offices of Tenenbaum and Solomon, is to explain the nature and effect of each of the documents that the client is being asked to sign and all the potential risks and consequences that flow from the execution of those documents. Clauses,terms and conditions are often difficult if not impossible to understand. However, they can all be enforceable against you once you become a binding party to the contract. We will dissect the contemplated contract and help you to objectively interpret the positive or negative affects to your future interests as a binding party to the contract.

We offer independent legal advice for:

  • Business and Partnership Agreements
  • Conflict of Interest Concerns
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Domestic Contracts
  • Employer Contracts
  • Investment Venture Agreements
  • General Contracts
  • Laws, Legislations and Policies (Assisted Human Reproduction Act, Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act, Local, Provincial, National, and International Laws and Treaties)
  • Leases
  • Loan Agreements (except Mortgages)
  • Releases
  • Retainer Agreements,
  • Settlement Agreements

Please call us for help with any matter requiring Independent Legal Advice: 905-479-1200