Commissioner of Oaths

At Tenenmaum & Solomon Barristers and Solicitors we offer assistance with being witness to the Swearing of Oaths or the making of a Solemn Affirmation for an affidavit for any legal matter.

As Commissioners of oaths, we are also certified to witness any declaration as required under a given law. A commissioner of oaths officially states that the required oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered.

We offer Commissioning of documents including:

  • Permanent Resident Card Applications.
  • Consent to Travel Documents.
  • Witnessing a Signature.
  • Criminal Record Check.
  • Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity.
  • Statutory Declarations of Marital Status.
  • Statutory Declarations regarding Ownership of Property.
  • Letters of Invitation supporting a visitor’s visa to Canada.
  • Affidavits to transfer vehicle ownership.
  • Affidavits for professional accreditation, insurance claims or any other required by law.
  • Affidavits of Execution for a Will.
  • Passports: New applications or Lost/ Stolen passports.

We typically charge $30 for each document sworn and do not require appointment but if we are asked to prepare or review documents (extra charges apply) please book an appointment 905-479-1200.