Co parenting


Co Parenting: Co parenting is defined as parenting a child with some coordination between you and spouse or ex spouse. In some instances, the role of the parents is the same as when they were together, albeit now from different households. More commonly, new relationships, new responsibilities, changed financial circumstances, and other changed circumstances will result in some redefining of the roles played by each parent in the future.

Parallel Parenting: This refers to have the child reside one week (Or some other term) with one parent and alternating term with the other parent. This is often arranged when the parents can agree with the other about fundamental parenting issues.

Parental Alienation: This refers to a situation where a child (ren) loath or fear one of the parents.

Best interests: A term of art frequently quoted by the parent in the wrong. Best interests is defined under S.24 Children’s Law Reform Act to include the love and emotional ties between the child and the parent and those the parent lives with; the child’s views and preferences if they can be ascertained; the ability and willingness of the parent to provide for the child; the purposed plans put forward by the parties; the permanence of stability of the family unit purpose, The ability of each party to act as a parent. The courts have added additional criteria mainly favoring the custody of the child with the parent that allows maximum contact between the child and the other parent.

Basic Co Parenting rules

  1. Never bad mouth the other parent in nearshot of the child (ern)
  2. be civil in pickups, and drop offs; and
  3. Plan occasional family outing with the other spouse (if possible)