Co parenting

Terminology Co Parenting: Co parenting is defined as parenting a child with some coordination between you and spouse or ex spouse. In some instances, the role of the parents is the same as when they were together, albeit now from different households. More commonly, new relationships, new responsibilities, changed financial circumstances, and other changed circumstances

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Do I need a lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer? Gone are the days of the “Star Chamber”, an English court just for rich and powerful litigants that could be influenced by one’s political friends or enemies. Gone too are the Germanic customs of “trial by combat” where the litigants (armed with knives and hammers) tried to kill each other,

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Tenenbaum’s Top 10 changes to that thing you sign when you buy a home

This is what the Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”) Form 100 (Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Residential) might have added if it was written by home buyers for home buyers and not an association representing the interests of its member realtors. Buyer acknowledges being provided the following from the realtor:

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Radon Testing

Radon Testing So you are ready to buy your new house.  You have checked that your Home Insurance Policy will cover the $100,000.00 soil removal and remediation costs arising from any leakage in the capped oil tank outback.  You have checked the tap water for lead levels.  You have done a spore counttest for mould

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