Entry Level Law Clerk

Full time, hourly (salary based on experience)
Ideal for:
Recent grad law clerk program (Trios, Seneca, Humber, Centennial, Sheridan)
ILCO member with skills upgrades
Living in Richmond Hill, Markham, North Toronto ( no more long commutes!)
Knowledge of PC Law, ACL, Do Process, Divorcemate, MS Office, accurate typing
Relevant Experience in a Family Law or Real Estate practice
Flexible Hours
Training Provided
Send Resume to – Only candidates of interest will be contacted.

Intermediate Real Estate Law Clerk

Full or part time ($48 – 60K, no benefits)
2-5 years experience in a busy real estate practice
Able to work files from intake to reporting
Knowledge of Teraview, Conveyancer, LDD, STEPS, PC Law
Send Resume to sheldon@ – Only candidates of interest will be contacted.